Tradesman Insurance

At essential insurance solutions, we understand that the tools do not make the tradie but its near impossible to do a job without them.

Essential Insurance Solutions can provide policies that provide Australia wide cover to protect Tradesmen from liability claims, cover for theft of tools or equipment and also cover for personal accidents or illness.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential for most trades, it not only protects trade clients financially but is also mandatory for many trades and on many worksites. Public Liability is designed to protect clients in the event that their actions result in injury to a third party and/or damage to someones property.

Tool Insurance

Without your tools of the trade, your ability to earn an income can be severely impacted. This is why insuring your tools for events such as theft or loss/accidental damage is so important.

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance is designed to cover clients temporarily if they are unable to work due to injury or illness, so that they are able to maintain their daily living expenses throughout the duration of the recovery period. Income Protection Insurance can protect clients by paying them a monthly amount until they are cleared and able to return to work, it is now mandatory to have Income Protection Insurance on many worksites.

The main occupations that should consider or are covered by Income Protection Insurance are:

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