More then 20% of Australian businesses experienced cyber crime and 40% of all attacks were directed at small + medium size enterprises (SME’s).

Cyber Liability & Privacy Protection Insurance has been designed to address the exposures insureds face from relying on the internet, email, websites, or computer programs, data and from storing private information about their clients.

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world and threatens your business’s day-to-day activity. Even the smallest breach can have a devastating impact on your business and potentially your reputation.

Cyber Liability and Privacy Protection policies can provide the following elements of over:

1st Party Costs: – Reimburses costs incurred for attacks, IT monitoring and restoration, as well as ransom and PR costs.

3rd Party Costs – Covers liability from other parties incurred due to data and privacy breaches, IT recovery costs, as well as defence costs, fines and penalties.

Business Interruption – Cover costs incurred due to loss of profits resulting from attacks or breaches, as well as additional expenses to continue trading.

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